I just want to throw out a big “attaboy” to Mr. Bill Gates, Mrs. Melinda Gates (“attagirl”) and Mr. Warren Buffet. I don’t know a lot about corporate or personal philanthropy, and I am by no means an expert on charity and relief organizations. I can, however, count to 30 billion (though it might take me a little while). For those of you who haven’t been following along thus far, Warren Buffet has just donated $30 billion (yes, with a “b”) to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (check it out at the Washington Post,here). The foundation is involved with a great many humanitarian projects throughout the world, including research into AIDS/HIV as well as other incurable diseases that ravage the developing world. As I said above, I don’t know a lot about organized charity but I simply can’t see how this gargantuan donation can do anything but help. So to Mr. Buffet and Mr. & Mrs. Gates…Damn good job!


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