It Has Begun…

Though my profile has been saying for a couple of months now that I am writing my master’s thesis, until now this has only been partially true. I haven’t been writing so much as researching (which in my case basically means a whole lot of reading). As of last night, however, all of that has changed. I am now actually writing my thesis (5 pages in as of this afternoon). I’m in the process of creating the first draft of my second section (the first major section after the introduction) which is basically an elaborate argument in favor of Paul Ricoeur’s interaction theory of metaphor followed by a slightly less elaborate argument attempting to explain how allegorical (as in 1 Enoch) and symbolic (as in Daniel, though I’m not sure I’ll keep this terminological divide between symbol and metaphor) systems function in essentially the same way as interactive metaphors. All of this to say that blogging will likely slow down considerably over the next little while as I will be trying to expend the lion’s share of my creative energy writing my thesis. If anybody cares (which I frankly kind of doubt), my apologies. May I recommend the vastly superior blogs on my sidebar for your reading pleasure? Paleojudaica and Slacktivist are particularly worth regular visits. So, cheers all, and I’ll see you again when I’m done writing the absurdly arcane and never-again-to-be-read product of months and months of work.


3 thoughts on “It Has Begun…

  1. Good luck with your paper, and make sure you keep your priorities in front of you….with that being said you should be blogging more then ever, your paper can wait 😛Haha, anyways good luck,Kyle

  2. Good writing my friend. I am a happy camper to see some of my “contemporaries” or perhaps friends getting into the academic side of biblical research. Enjoy the work. I may even read it when you’re done…but only if its free of course;)

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