Absence Makes the Heart…

So I’m pretty sure that after my long thesis hiatus I’m back to a readership of none (or one if you count my own narcissistic perusal of my blog). That’s a bummer cause at my height I actually had a few regulars. Oh well, not much to be done about it I suppose. I’m gonna keep blogging regardless, mostly because this blog was always about self-indulgence and self-gratification anyways. So, for those readers who do happen across me once again, cheers and welcome. And to my one true regular, at least I’ll always know that you agree with me.


6 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart…

  1. Wasn’t Dave the man that left other men’s room is a state of undress? I’d be concerned about him “checking you out”.Although perhaps this line of comments is becoming a little silly.

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