On the Fritz and a New Blog on the Side-Bar

So I haven’t posted in a few days, even after my great proclamation about posting more regularly. There is, however, a very good reason for this. My Internet has been on the fritz since last Thursday or Friday. But I’m back, and I have news. I have, in my blog link travels, come across a blog belonging to a guy I knew both in college and later while I was pastoring at Heritage in Regina.

His name is Jon Coutts and he is one of the brighter and more articulate guys I’ve known in my life. He also appears to be doing graduate work in theology, though I haven’t a clue where (last I heard he was pastoring in Manitoba). Anyways, his blog is linked on the sidebar now and you should really go check it out. My very favorite thing that I found on his blog is his thesis work. It looks like a fun little number on natural theology and Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday. If you’ve never read any Chesterton you need to, because he’s fantastic (I was gonna say awesomer than ten awesome things, but that has the unfortunate quality of both sounding and being dumb). I don’t know whether to tell you to start with Thursday or Orthodoxy, because they are both wonderful in their own very different ways. Of course you could also start with something a little lighter like his Father Brown books (e.g. The Innocence of Father Brown). Jon also has a great title for his thesis: This Side of Sunday. Man that’s great. I really do believe that the ability to develop an interesting or engaging title is a litmus test for how good a book is likely to be. This, I suppose, is yet another proof that nobody will ever read my thesis, lovingly titled “White Bulls and Wild Goats: A Literary Examination of the Function of Animal Imagery in Early Jewish Apocalyptic Literature.” I think the subtitle is where I really ride it off the rails, but I don’t have the time or energy to think of anything better, so there ya go.

All of this to say, go and read Jon’s blog. Oh, and I really am back and blogging, the hiatus wasn’t my fault. Time for sleep now, cheers all.


2 thoughts on “On the Fritz and a New Blog on the Side-Bar

  1. first of all, it is an honour to be “linked” by you and to have those nice things said about me, thanks. i must point out to all your readers that you were the one person who outscored me on the accreditation Bible exam. colin may not remember that, but I do, because, well, I came second. Not that its a competition or anything but I do recall raising my eyebrows and saying (in my best Seinfeld voice): “Curses. Colin” (you know, like he says Newman.) This is clearly not as funny in print.Anyway, Colin, what school are you at? I’m at Briercrest Seminary. You seem to be further along on your thesis than I. Titles are a funny thing. I’m glad you liked mine. I think yours is good, although I think I’ll need to read it to get it. I would like to read it when you are done.HUGE CONGRATS to you and Jinny from Angie and I. GOod to know where you are. Talk to you later.

  2. As always I’m glad to have a visitor in my own little self-indulgent corner of the blogosphere, so thanks for stopping by man. I’m back at CTS now. Actually I’m hardly there anymore. All of my course-work and comprehensive exams are now done and I’m just doing thesis work. By “doing thesis work” I mean to say that I am now working full-time, looking forward to my first child, renovating my first home and writing my poor little thesis in the meantime. Needless to say the meantime is becoming meaner and meaner, but I’m almost done (2/3 or more I’d say).Anyways, glad to have you visit. Cheers man.Colin.

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