Sick Day…

I am now nearing the end of day two of my spring bout of the flu (or whatever this bloody thing is). I did try to do some actual work (thesis work that is) but I was just too sick and miserable yesterday to get more than half a page read at once. It really is true that men are giant babies when they’re sick. I am at least. Either way, today I felt well enough to fiddle with my blog a whole bunch. It turns out that the new Blogger has a new layout feature thingy so I don’t have to be any good with HTML (which I’m not) to do cool stuff with the page. So, check out my new lists on the side. You’ll have to pardon me that pretty much everything on those lists got a rating of 8 or better. That’s mostly a by-product of the fact that these are lists of things I like and making the cut of things I like, though not the hardest thing in the world to pull off, does require a rating of 7.5 or better. At least, so it would seem. Either way, I do recommend pretty much everything on those lists, though it should be noted that much of it is definitely “viewer discretion advised” stuff.


2 thoughts on “Sick Day…

  1. Nice work Colin. I am just glad to have someone in the “Christian” category with Harry Potter listed on his site (besides me!). I love those books (& movies). Sorry you’re sick. Sucks to be you.

  2. Thanks Tara, it does indeed suck to be me ;). And the Potter books epitomize the Christian faith better than a lot of the drivel you find in places like Blessings and CP.

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