Brevard Childs…

Brevard Childs died on Saturday. For those of you who don’t know of him, he was one of the great biblical scholars of the 20th century. He was a pioneer in the fields of Biblical Theology and Canonical Criticism and a long-time professor at Yale Divinity School. You can find the full obituary here. May his memory be for a blessing.


2 thoughts on “Brevard Childs…

  1. i hadn’t heard. i didn’t really know all that well who he was until this year. he’ll be missed, i’ve appreciated what i’ve read of of my profs recently picked up a german edition of Barth’s Church Dogmatics which was signed from Karl Barth to Brevard Childs. It was really cool to look at. I guess Childs recently gutted his library.He doesn’t need it now.

  2. Wow! That book is a serious find. Childs did his doctoral work at the University of Basel and was a student and friend of Barth. Man, I can’t even imagine having such a wonderful treasure in my library. The German edition I suspect? Very cool.

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