Drumroll Please…

It is my great pleasure and honor to finally announce the birth of our first child, our new son Liam Milton Toffelmire. Sorry but no pics right now, I’m a tool and forgot the camera at the hospital. Liam was born at 4:30pm, August 13th by emergency c-section. He and Jinny are both doing wonderfully now, though Liam had a bit of a rough start. He coded in the operating room and spent the first hour or so of his life with a tube down his throat. He’s doing great now and shows all the signs of a happy, alert little baby. He’s even starting to breastfeed pretty well. Incidentally the pregnancy, imminent birth and last minute renos on the house (which were because of the imminent birth) are the reasons I’ve been away from blogging for so long. I’ll probably be off for a little longer, but I’ll try to keep Liam updates coming. Cheers all.

Update: I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of pictures to our family blog. Check out the link on my sidebar.


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