Endings and Beginnings…

It seems that all I ever blog about these days is how I never blog anymore. I do apologize…again. Unfortunately my perennial excuse for not blogging has now gone by the wayside (mostly), so I’ll have to think up another one. On Friday last I defended my master’s thesis and my thesis has been accepted by the committee with just a few binding comments. That means that I’ve been passed and just need to make some adjustments to the second chapter before submitting the final copy for publication. I’d cheer but frankly I’m just too damned tired. I get the joy of walking the stage once again on April 25th, this time with a different style of black robe. That, it would appear, is the end of that.

It’s strange that after so many years settling in to Calgary (and Okotoks) it’s now time to pull up our roots and head off to settle in somewhere else again. It looks like, at this stage at least, that the next place we’re off to is Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve been accepted into the Doctor of Philosophy program at McMaster Divinity College for this coming fall.

The funny thing about this move is that in a way it feels like going back in my life as well as going forward. My supervisor at McMaster is going to be Dr. Mark Boda. Mark was also one of my teachers in college, my mentor and the “floor-father” for my floor when I was a residence assistant, and he also led me and Jinny in our pre-marital counseling sessions. Jinny and I will also be hoping to reconnect with some old friends from college and before, including our good friend Kerry and her husband. Though I am thoroughly petrified about beginning doctoral work and trying to figure out how to live without money and with a child, the anticipation of reconnecting with people that I know and love helps to dull the edge of that fear.


7 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings…

  1. we can hardly wait to have you guys out here! it will be great to reconnect. don’t worry about a thing– you’ll do great in doctorate studies and God will provide the moula. if not we have an empty spare room or two that you can use! haha…

  2. What a funny small world we live in. I was just talking with a couple people about Mark Boda, one of those people being Jared Lars*n, about the Biblical Hermeneutics class we took with him.Congratulations on the learning achievement btw.

  3. Hahaha…Phil if you really want to know how small the world is, ask Jared if he remembers my wife ;). And thanks man.

  4. congrats colin. i know exactly what you mean about being too tired by the end of it to care all that much.i’m still in final proofreading and printing stage and every time i look at a new edit i say to my thesis, “What are you still doing here? I thought I was done with you?”Glad to hear it worked out with McMaster. Say hi to Dr. Boda.

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