Well here we are in Hamilton, officially starting yet another phase in our lives. I’ve had the chance to meet with my academic advisor at McMaster Divinity College and I’ve had the poo scared thoroughly out of me. Jinny and Liam have both officially been sick. We have a wonderful landlady and a great place to live, as well as a fairly odd neighbour who hangs out on his lawn in his boxers during the day and listens to incredibly loud music in the evenings (sounded like Rush just now…is it just me or that band mindnumbingly dull to listen to?).

I’m stoked for school to start. Orientation is on Wednesday and my first official class is next Monday. Thursday, however, I get the joy of sitting in on Intermediate Hebrew. My advisor likes all of his students to sit in the Intermediate Hebrew classes in order to maintain our reading skills in Hebrew. I think this is a great idea though I’m a little worried about that as well. I’ve been trying to get my head back into Hebrew but my language training at seminary was so hit-and-miss that I still have a little bit of trouble with it. Vocabulary especially is a problem, and that’s the kind of thing you can only fix with regular and intensive reading. The reason I’m worried is that I’m going to be a PhD student in a room full of MA and MDiv students and I’m going to suck as bad or worse than anyone. Oh well, can’t be helped now.

There are some new additions to the sidebars. Mostly these are so-called biblioblogs (blogs dedicated primarily to Biblical or Theological Studies). Partly this is because I like these blogs and the sidebar is more for my use than anyone else’s. Partly this is because while I’m in school I imagine that the content of my posts will tend to reflect what I’m studying.

Don’t worry, if you like my bizarre and ill-informed rants on politics, ethics, and church polity those will likely continue. I just suspect that reading lots and lots of biblical literature and books about biblical literature will probably tend to skew my posting a little.


One thought on “Hamilton…

  1. Welcome back Colin! I really don’t think you will “suck” as you so elegantly put it. You will do great because this is where God wants you to be!

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