One of the drawbacks to being back in school is that I now don’t really have time for sleep. Add to this my general anxiety over being ready for classes as they come up, particularly my intermediate Hebrew course, and I’m already feeling pretty tired. The solution, I suppose, is that I must start drinking coffee.

I’ve never been much of a coffee person. I used to say that I despise the stuff, though admittedly over the past few years I’ve been capitulating more and more, allowing myself to be slowly absorbed into the coffee drinking culture around me. I see this as a kind of betrayal, like I’m waiving the white flag of surrender after vowing for so many years that I did not like and would not drink coffee. Today, it would appear, the final armistice in this long and fruitless war was signed.

Because of the aforementioned fatigue Jinny and I decided that I would purchase some coffee and use that as a drug to keep my poor, addled brain in working order. I thought of this as a kind of necessary evil, a kind of medicine that must simply be tolerated in order to gain the desired effect. Sadly this was not to be so. I enjoyed it. I liked my first cup of La Minita Tarrazu (purchased from Second Cup) and am kind of looking forward to another cup this evening or perhaps tomorrow morning.

Sigh, just another way in which I’m exactly like everybody else. I really am starting to wonder if we shouldn’t just take Jerry Seinfeld’s advice and start dressing in uniforms like in Sci-Fi movies.


5 thoughts on “Coffee…

  1. coffee is certainly a student’s best friend and worst enemy. i look forward to sitting down with you for one someday though.welcome back. i read up on the fear and trepidation you’ve been expressing in regard to applying for school and stating opinions. i hear ya and can relate. keep at it though. hopefully as we dialogue and even debate we can recieve grace from others when we are wrong, or misunderstood, or what-have-you. we need this. to shut down dialogue, as you know, would be the worst possible way to deal with it (although a hiatus and refreshment is necessary from time to time, and a fool is always thought wise if he keeps silent for a while!).anyway, go at it with the school thing. you’ll be fine. besides, i need you to pave the way so i can have a tiny bit more confidence myself!

  2. mmmmm…. coffee.If we get uniforms I think we should have a spiffy swoosh or lightning bolt on them. Or maybe a picture of Scooby Doo.

  3. Manders, thanks!Doug, yes to the swoosh and no to the Scooby-Doo logo. That will just make us look silly for the aliens.Jon, I love the “fool thought wise” bit. Like they say, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. And I’m not really all that worried about school. Most of my classes and requirements are just a slightly more intense version of what I was doing in the last semester of my MA coursework. It’s just daunting if you look at it all at once. Have you decided on where you’re applying yet? I guess you must have since you’ll want your apps out in the next few weeks. Do it early man, as early as you possibly can.

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