But…But I…You Can’t…It Isn’t…Over? Is it?

It happened.  It finally happened.  The final, hilarious, brilliant, wonderfully written post in the near-eternal deconstruction of Left Behind went online at Slacktivist today.  Bravo Fred, bravo.

2 thoughts on “But…But I…You Can’t…It Isn’t…Over? Is it?

  1. I love how he says:“Yet the book’s signature failure is something far simpler. Left Behind disproves the very thing it sets out to prove. It presents an inadvertent but irrefutable case for the unreality and impossibility of all of the events that Tim LaHaye claims are prophesied to occur at any moment.Those events are not about to occur. They never will occur. They never can occur. Don’t believe me? Go read Left Behind and see for yourself.”So true. I’ve never been less convinced of pre-tribulationalism than after this whole series drove it into the ground.

  2. All true. Deconstructing Left Behind is actually kind of the post-modern equivalent of shooting textual-fish in a barrel because as Fred notes all you need to do is sit there and watch the book deconstruct itself. Damn funny to watch though :).

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