I am, once again, it; tagged by my wonderful friend Tara so long ago that the original post no longer appears on the front page of her blog.  Of course Tara posts 80-90 times per day so that’s not really all that surprising.  I’m supposed to tag a bunch of blogs I love, but as I’ve said before, this blog is where memes come to die.  If you want to know which blogs I read check my blogroll.  I am supposed to list five unusual things about myself.

1. I love literary theory.  I just took 7 books on intertextuality out of the library and I’m totally excited to read them.
2. I love Kraft Dinner.  I really shouldn’t, and I hardly ever eat it anymore cause it’s so unhealthy but it is my personal comfort food.
3. I have an inordinate love for Harry Potter.  The books I mean of course.
4. I love school.
5. I don’t like berries of any kind.  Not strawberries, not raspberries, not blueberries…you get the idea.

Well, since I’m not tagging anyone else it’s time for me to go to bed.


3 thoughts on “It…

  1. Oh the wonders of Harry Potter. I’m on Half Blood Prince again in what I can only guess is about my tenth time through the books. They don’t seem to lose luster with age…looking forward to Deathly Hollows for only about the fourth time. Also looking forward to the movie next year which was supposed to be in November…inordinate love is a good word Colin.

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