Election Day…

Well, the polls are closed out here in Hamilton but if they’re open where you are and you haven’t gone to vote yet, get going!  CBC promises the first election results at 10pm ET, which is in about 5 mins, but I don’t think I’ll stay up to watch.  I personally find the endlessly changing poll numbers rather dull, particularly when I remember that the die is cast and the only really interesting fact left to come is the list of actual winners.  I’m fairly sure that my MP will be the NDP’s David Christopher again, though there certainly did seem to be a significant Green party presense around the neighbourhood (if lawn signs mean anything).  As far as who will form the government?  Well if I was forced to guess I’d say another minority Conservative government but I guess we’ll see.  In any case, to all of you who are waiting up to see the results, do enjoy the moving numbers.  If you’d like to see them online, check out CBC’s interactive election map here.  Looks like the conservatives are in the lead at the moment.

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