Me Read Hebrew Good…

In my continual attempt to break myself of some of my bad Hebrew habits (over reliance on Logos being the worst) I’m working on Hebrew pretty extensively this month.  Currently this is taking the form of working through Ehud Ben Zvi’s excellent workbook, Readings in Biblical Hebrew.  One of the great things about this workbook is that it requires that you have an actual Hebrew text open as you work through because the readings are not provided for you.  I’m using my trusty hard-copy BHS (no Logos allowed, except for checking GKC and BHRG which I don’t have in print…yes, even BDB is hard-copy, we’re back in the stone age here), and I just committed one of the sillier, though probably not totally uncommon, mistakes that one makes when reading Hebrew.  I was trucking along in 1 Sam 1, reading v. 12 which ends the first left hand page of 1 Sam in my BHS, and when the page ended I did what I always do when I finish a left hand page…I looked up and over and the right hand page.  Then I spent a couple of minutes being very, very confused.  Why is there a 3mp pronomial suffix here?  What the hell is that ‘sr doing?  Huh?  What’s going on here?!?!

Then I stopped, scratched my head sheepishly, and flipped the left hand page over where I found a perfectly sensible clause that fit very nicely indeed with the first part of v. 12.  Yes Colin, Hebrew reads right to left.  My lesson for the day.  Sigh.


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