Once More, With Feeling…

Taking a break as Sunday evening winds down, and what better way to take it easy but to watch some Buffy?  And lucky me, my favorite episode ever just happened to be next in the queue.  “Once More, With Feeling…” is one of the most original episodes of television I’ve ever seen.  A whole episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer set to music.  What could be better?  The juxtaposition of broadway-style music with vampires and action scenes is bizarre yet brilliant.  Emma Caufield and Nicholas Brendon provide the show’s most charmingly funny scene with their duo “I’ll Never Tell,” but Joss Whedon also provides more than a few painful and touching moments as well.  Another fun bit of trivia?  Whedon (the show’s producer and creative genius) actually learned music in order to write the episode.  Pretty impressive.

Speaking of the best of Buffy, how about best TV episodes generally?  That would be an interesting top 5 list.  Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Once More, With Feeling…

  1. With “Once More with Feeling,” I’d get “Hush” up there as well. I think of them as a pair: somewhere in the commentary Whedon talks about how when people stop talking they start communicating (Hush), and also how when people start singing they stop lying (Once More).

    Best TV episodes? Got to think about that…

  2. Ya, Hush is a brilliant episode as well. One of the fun things about the Buffy world is that you can do those kinds of shows without having to break the pre-existing willing suspension of disbelief. They fit the world so well because all you have to do is make up a demon that makes people sing or stops people from talking. There aren’t many other fictional universes that are so flexible.

    The best episodes list is hard isn’t it? I have a few shows that I want represented but I’m having trouble picking a particular episode. Especially for The Wire…how do you pick one episode of The Wire?

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