The Hardest Part…

I’m hosting my first ever Intro Hebrew tutorial tomorrow. The idea is that students in the college’s Intro Hebrew course can show up for some extra help with whatever they’re struggling with. The class is using Pratico/Van Pelt, Basics of Biblical Hebrew (the same text I learned on), and they’re just starting the chapter on adjectives in class tomorrow. So these students are still pretty much brand new to the Hebrew language. I’m trying to remember what it was that I found hardest at that point in my studies. Probably it was syllabification and vocalization (I still have trouble with vocalization sometimes). I’m interested to see where people are struggling tomorrow.

So for those of you who’ve done some Hebrew, what was the hardest part for you? Where was the learning curve the steepest in your novice Hebrew days? And for that matter, what kinds of things do you think students would find valuable in a tutorial?


One thought on “The Hardest Part…

  1. I honestly can’t remember struggling much with Hebrew. I don’t think that’s because I’m brilliant, but rather because I had an incredible teacher.

    First nun verbs were kinda hard, and the hifil prefix took me a couple days to wrap my head around, but otherwise I can’t remember any real difficulties.

    My experience with those who use Pratico’s grammar is that they will probably be struggling with whatever it is they just learned, so perhaps in this case adjectives?

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