Oh Right, Mid-Term…

I haven’t had a post in a while due to school work and editing responsibilities, so today was the first time I’ve checked in on the old blog in a few days.  I took a quick look at the graph that displays my hits per day and for some weird reason yesterday had this huge spike.  Huh?  I haven’t even been posting.  Oh wait, tomorrow’s the Intermediate Hebrew mid-term.  And IH students have the address for my Hebrew Stuff page, where I keep links to vocab and paradigm drills.  Now I get it.  And yes, my average daily hits are so low that I do notice a couple of dozen people all of sudden checking out the site on a given day.  Ah well.

Also, Roland Boer has made the move over to WordPress, so update your links accordingly.  And just in case he reads this, you still owe me a response about idolatry in Isaiah, Boer (shakes fist warningly).


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