SBL is on…

Well, made it to New Orleans safe and sound, though Continental decided it was important that we fly in a jet only slightly larger than my Dad’s old single-seater Quickie.  And also, they charge for checked luggage?!?!  That did not make me happy.

Had a great dinner last night with the steering committee for the Hebrew poetry session.  My supervisor’s on the committee so he dragged me and another Mac grad student along cause we’re into linguistics and Hebrew poetry.  It was a great time.  John Hobbins took us to a local place where a friend of his works as the soup chef.  I had a lovely squash soup with parm and pancetta to start and then filet of beef in a wine reduction with blue cheese butter and chard.  It was all fantastic.  The place is called Bistro Daisy, if anybody else feels like dropping a big stack of cash on a meal here in NOLA.  Everybody on the committee was wonderful and welcoming, and we had a lot of fun at dinner.  I also got to meet John’s throughly charming daughter Betta.  What a great kid John!

And to close, a quick memo to NOLA: they have these things in the rest of the world called “coffee shops with free wifi”.  Look into.


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