SBL Days 2 and 3 (so far)…

SBL rumbles on.  We’re into Sunday afternoon now, and I’m taking a break for a bit.  I’m into my own room, and I’ve even figured out how to get free internet up here from the Sheraton (just pick the low speed option).  I know you’re dying to know what the best papers have been so far, so I won’t keep you waiting.

The top spot is currently a tie between Christo van der Merwe‘s paper on word order in Joel, and Anathea Portier-Young‘s paper on apocalypses as resistance literature.  Both of these papers fit right into some work that I’ve been doing, in Obadiah and the Animal Apocalypse respectively, and they’re going to give me a tonne of help with my work.  Van der Merwe provided a copy of his paper, and Portier-Young very kindly agreed to send me a copy of the longer piece that her presentation was based on.  I think it is going to be an extension and adaptation of her doctoral dissertation, which is already peppered throughout my footnotes for that AA paper.  Can you tell I’m excited?

Had another good chat with Hobbins yesterday, and I also got to meet Daniel (of Daniel&Tonya fame) for a minute, and he seems like a really good guy too.  Oh, and I spotted that icon of biblioblogging himself, Jim West, in the lobby this morning but didn’t get a chance to stop him and get my computer screen signed.  Bummer.

Time for a little bit of actual work, then I’m off to the next Biblical Hebrew Poetry session to watch my good friend Beth present her killer Ezekiel paper.  A whole session on metaphor…sounds like a party to me.


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