Too Much Love for Jim?

Has anybody else noticed that the biggest item on Roland Boer’s tag cloud is “Jim West”?  Hmmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.  Also, spell checker doesn’t pick up curiouser, which is odd.


6 thoughts on “Too Much Love for Jim?

  1. I don’t know either of these names. Please tell me what I am missing? Or is it an OT thing? Which raises the question: How come OT and NT people have to be aware of the big Theologues but not vice versa? Or have I got that wrong (on one side or the other)?

  2. Jon, they’re both biblical studies bloggers. Jim has long had the most popular of the biblical studies blogs that refer to themselves as biblioblogs. He’s a pastor and OT scholar down in the states. Boer is a relatively well-known biblical scholar and theologian from Australia. He does ideological and marxist criticism and is rather funny, though his blog should probably have a content warning of some kind :).

    Doug, yes it seems a long time now since Jim took over the world. Perhaps we should all just accept it and move on?

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