Hebrew Stuff…

This is my ongoing list of online resources for students of biblical Hebrew.  Feel free to make suggestions for additional material in the comments.

Online Vocab Quiz for Hebrew and Greek.  This is a great tool for keeping your vocab fresh, and best of all it’s free.

Quisition is another online flashcard tool.  It’s also free, and on top of lots of biblical Hebrew it also has flashcards for many other languages and topics.

Hebrew and Greek paradigm drills.  Set up full parsing or multiple-choice quizes for paradigms of all shapes and sizes.

Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar by Cook and Holmstedt.  A full introductory Hebrew grammar in pdf format, and totally free.

Karyn Traphagen’s BH resource page.  You’ll find all sorts of great stuff here, both in Karyn’s review of intro Hebrew, and in her weak verb charts.  Check out Karyn’s main blog page as well, which contains regular posts about BH, pedagogy, and various Hebrew resources.

John Hobbins’ annotated bibliography on BH poetry.  This bibliography is simply wonderful in its breadth.  Also, check John’s sidebar for extensive posts on BH poetry, language and linguistics, and BH in general.

The Aleppo Codex online.  One of the greatest manuscripts of the OT/HB, available online.

Codex Sinaiticus online.  Strictly speaking this isn’t Hebrew stuff but Greek stuff, but this is still one of the most important textual witnesses to the HB/OT.

Resource page for Basics of Biblical Hebrew.  Unfortunately a lot of the stuff on this site is not free, but there are some good free resources you can download here, including paradigm charts and a vocab program.  And if you’re willing to shell out some cash there’s a lot of good material here, including full lectures.

Matthew Anstey’s Biblical Hebrew Portal.  It’s still under construction, but the bibliography is worth a visit alone.  It’s simply massive.

MP3 recordings of the Bible being read in Hebrew.


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