Ran across the so-called “Conservative Bible” in a post on Jim’s blog.  I went and had a quick look, and though it is clearly as ridiculous as Jim says I don’t think that Jim’s commentator Mark Begemann is correct when he suggests that the CB and its parent site Conservapedia are hoaxes.  I wish they were, but they sure look serious.  Not serious in the sense of something we should pay any attention to whatsoever, but serious in the sense that the site designers and maintainers clearly take themselves rather seriously.  My favorite find on Conservapedia thus far?  The following quote from the “How We Differ from Wikipedia” page (number 16):

We do not encourage anti-intellectual editor names that are attracted to Wikipedia. For example, the Wikipedia administrator who initially deleted the entry about Conservapedia uses the name “Nearly Headless Nick.” The Hartford Courant observed that another editor posted under the name “The Ostrich.” These names send an inappropriate anti-intellectual message for an encyclopedia.

Really?  I mean, really?  Anti-intellectual?  Really?!  Incredulity is the only response I can manage at the moment.